Lena Pascoe

Yoga: My Journey

from the moment I first tried yoga it became and has remained one of the constants in my life. In some respect I discovered yoga by accident. I’ve always been an active person with the need for physical activity especially after a day of being sedentary in an office.

I’ve tried my hand at many physical pursuits including Kung Fu, Kickboxing, aerobics and Pilates. It was whilst at a gym that I tried my first yoga class, and from that moment I was hooked. Yoga has been my passion for many years now and will continue to be. I found yoga, or perhaps it found me?

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Lena Grace Yoga

My mission is to make yoga accessible and inclusive.

It’s also my mission is spread the word that yoga is for every Body.

I’ll encourage mindful movement, regular check-ins with what’s going on in your body as you practice. Body scans give you time to develop your own body awareness, why is this important? It’s essential to tune in with your body and take the time to be aware of niggles, tension, tightness, resistance or whatever other messages your body may be giving you. Acknowledge, observe, be still. It’s an important part of self-care.

Self-care is not selfish, self-care is being kind to yourself just as you are to others.

I place great emphasis on breathwork or Pranayama, it can energise, calm, bring balance, relaxation aid sleep.

Self-acceptance is another theme of mine. Accepting yourself as you are in this moment, giving yourself permission to simply be.

The yoga I share is based on many influences. It can be a dynamic or slower flow. I incorporate elements from the ashtanga and kundalini tradition.

Why do yoga?

I believe everyone can benefit from yoga in some way: mentally, physically and  emotionally.

The term yoga comes the Sanskrit word which means to yoke or union, Sanskrit is a language of ancient Indian with a documented history of about 3,500 years. Put simply yoga is about connection of mind and body.

Yoga means different things for different people. Whether you wish to simply slow down or have moments of stillness. Perhaps you want to connect with your breath, or give yourself time to reconnect with you? Maybe you like to experience an increased sense of calm, manage stress or reduce anxiety levels, feel revitalised, recharged, re-energised? Perhaps become the best version of you? Yoga can give you all these things.

In addition, there are also the numerous physical benefits from building core strength, to increased stability, stamina, flexibility, better balance. This is a tiny bit of what yoga can offer.

The practices I share are informed and underpinned by my experience of working with a variety of complex needs in Supported Housing and Emergency Accomodation settings. In addition to this I have also completed a Foundation Degree in Counselling specialising in Drug and Alcohol Addiction. One of the Modules I completed in Social and Mental Health Studies really helped to cement my understanding of some of the issues surrounding mental health conditions.




"Yoga is for every Body"

What are people saying about Lena's classes?

A natural flow and a gentle connection with the meaning and spirituality of yoga practice runs through Lena’s classes. There’s no pressure to push your body where it does not want or need to go, and constant gentle encouragement to realise that we are perfect as we are. During the yoga practice and afterwards, mind, body and spirit feel cleansed and alive. Thank you, Lena.

Louise , Facebook review

Hi Lena, just wanted to give you some feedback. Very good class & my intention for class tonight was ‘strength’. I brought my focus back to my intention & left the class feeling strong & relaxed. Hope to come to class next week. Best regards Victoria

Victoria, email review

Lena creates some kind of magic in her yoga class. It is a beautiful experience where you come out energised and at peace with yourself and the world.

Debs, Google review

I really enjoy Lena’s classes! I’ve been going most weeks for the past few months. She is very good at reading the energy of the room and tailoring the class to suit that energy. I always leave her class feeling relaxed and free of tension. Would highly recommend!

Hannah Wood, Google review

Lena believes that yoga is for everyone and caters for all levels, she checks what you’re doing for safety and will adjust your positioning or change the move slightly to fit your level of flexibility. I love the fact that you asked to set an intention at the start of the class and you come back to that. Mine is the same almost every week ‘ Be the best I can be’ . You’re reminded it’s not a competition and not to over exert yourself and that ‘you are your own teacher ‘ , she teaches but it’s your job to listen to your body. Im not keen on exercise, but I love this so much that I have continued for over a year now. The classes and the music vary every week, so you’re not just doing the same tired routine. And whilst she takes what she does seriously, she does know how to bring fun to the class. I suffer with insomnia and Tuesday night is the only night I usually get 4 hours sleep because my body and mind whilst being revitalised are rested. Oh and last but not least when I get on my bike the day after I can cycle like a demon because I’m just more bendy

Frances Pascoe, Google review