Lena Pascoe

MANTRA : always on my mind

MANTRA : always on my mind

Lena Pascoe

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I use mantra as part of my daily practice.

The mantra I use as part of my daily ritual/devotion or whatever you choose to call it, is part of my commitment to myself which also includes mediation and breathwork, in fact the mantra I use is my mediation.

And why do I commit to it? I find that it can really set me up for my day ahead. Especially before I get into the world of emails and texts and the other stuff that can occupy my mind and my space. Does this resonate?

I also have a tendency towards a busy mind, which can result in over-thinking and over-analysing. I imagine I'm not alone here :-)

Mantra for me acts as a form of mediation, because for a period of time I am still and in that moment. Sometimes my personal practice is breath work, meditation and mantra as yoga doesn’t always have to be about the physical movement/asana.

However, I’m also thinking about mantra in terms of self-talk, chat, the statements that I repeat to myself over and over.

I think back to a time where my mantra or self-talk would often be detrimental, negative and unhelpful, things I’d say about myself in relation to me, my body, my abilities, mistakes I felt I'd made...I could be so damning about myself. There’s so much truth in the statement, ‘Our thoughts become our reality’....

I’m not saying I’m completely free of it, what I am saying is that where I’m at a place where I’m more able to catch myself, have a word with myself! Something what works for me is to revisit my achievements, my good points, the good things in my life, and remind myself to express gratitude for it too. Life, it’s like this continuing cycle of ebb and flow, my next tattoo will be a demonstration of this. The fluid nature of life.....

What about you and your daily mantras?

What do they sound like? Are they unhelpful or do they benefit you? Are you aware of your self-talk? If you're not, take time to listen to it

Does your self-talk include words of kindness? If it does'nt how about you start today?

I'd love to hear from you. Do let me know your thoughts around this.

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