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What’s your Sadhana?

Your daily commitment to yourself?

Your practice, your ritual?

What keeps you well?

How do you start your day before activities, commitments and other requirements populate it?

Here are some definitions:

‘Sadhana (Sanskrit: साधन) is a Sanskrit term used to refer to a daily spiritual practice. Sadhana represents a disciplined surrendering of the ego, in which the practitioner uses tools such as asana, pranayama, meditation and chanting on a daily basis.

Anything that is practiced with awareness, discipline and the intention of spiritual growth can be considered as sadhana, but it must be practiced alone and for the sake of the individual. As such, it does not need to be a physical activity; even daily self-study of yogic or spiritual scriptures is a form of sadhana’. Yogapedia


‘The word “Sadhana” in Sanskrit means “methodical discipline to attain desired knowledge or goal”. Sadhana is built on the idea of daily spiritual practice—a committed prayer, a routine that you do for yourself to nurture your mind and body’. Brett Larkin

Mine varies but always starts with sitting in stillness and silence, sometimes on the floor or my sofa and on occasion in bed. For me it stills my mind which can  sometimes be overactive, starting my day by simply being aware of the natural flow of my breath for few rounds is perfect.

Noticing my breath. I notice the difference in the quality of my breath according to whether I’m in optimal heath and well or healing: it can be light, laboured and much more in between.

Another daily practice of mine is oil pulling, have you noticed how the colour of the oil can vary according to how you are feeling health wise?

I also meditate. I practice pranayama or breathwork, there's also prayer, reflection, contemplation, and just sitting and being with what is. The time I do this will vary from day to day according to other commitments I have. What really matters is the intention and quality I give to it. My daily commitment to me really sets me up for my day ahead.

I remember a time when I used to start my day by checking emails, my phone and other activities that would busy my mind from the off, and after that I’d allocate some time to my practice!! Turning this around, means my days are now so different.

My current Sadhana:

*Observing the natural flow of my breath for a 5-7 rounds.

* Mantra or chanting- it wires or feeds my brain with positive programming

* Kriya or something else from the Kundalini tradition which might be Breath of Fire, Sat Kriya, the basic spinal series. I'll often commit to a Kundalini practice for 40 days with the Lifeforce Academy-https://teachings.jaidevsingh.com.

* Not forgetting pranyama/breathwork which is absolutely part of my regular practice as the benefits are numerous: 3 part breath/durgha pranyama, kapalabhati (also a kriya), nadi shodhana/alternate nostril breathing.



NB: Since attending the World Yoga Festival during summer this year I’ve been using some of the mantras suggested by The Living Yoga Project. Here’s their link for more info: www.thelivingyogaproject.com

If you don’t have a regular sadhana I encourage you to commit to one, I could be just 5-10 mins a day. Find what works for you.

Get in touch if you'd like to share what you do, have any questions or would like more info. Let’s connect.




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